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New GEP services from CNRS-EOST for landslide detection and mapping using Artificial Intelligence

Interested in a rapid landslide detection after major triggering events such as large earthquakes or heavy rains? Interested in the creation of landslide inventory maps as an input to...

Observing Siberian wildfires with Forestry TEP

It is not unusual to have wildfires in Siberia in the dry months of the summer. But this year, hot and dry weather combined with strong winds have fuelled fires to such an extent that a state of...

Utilizing Forestry TEP’s processing capabilities to create cloudless views of the world

Terramonitor is utilizing Forestry TEP (F-TEP) to process satellite imagery for their cloud free mosaic products. Access to the F-TEP services is arranged through a Representational State Transfer...

Forest monitoring tools for dry tropical areas

The Satellite Monitoring for Forest Management (SMFM) project is developing tools for monitoring tropical dry forests and supporting countries to develop their Earth Observation (EO) capacity. The...

Arbonaut using F-TEP to monitor land use

It happens quite often that you hear the claim that in our era of science and technology, the common man lives amid an overwhelming information flow. With satellites and space technology, we no...

How space technology can support hazard and risk mapping in Indonesia

Last November, INDRA has joined the GEP Early Adopters Programme , in order to perform EO Data Exploitation activities, with the aim to deliver feedback and improved awareness about the GEP...

JRC Global Surface Water dataset is available in HEP!

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre developed the JRC Global Surface Water dataset in the framework of the Copernicus Programme. This maps the location and temporal distribution of...

Discriminate Urban and Rural Settlements

One of the relevant topics in the Urban field of the study is what constitutes Rural Settlement, Urban Settlement and Metropolitan Settlements. In the application provided by TEP Urban for an...

Sentinel-2 outperformed Landsat 8 in forest variable estimation

In a recent paper, published in Remote Sensing of Environment we compared the performance of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 satellites in the estimation of forest variables in Finland. The variables were...

Post processing tools made available to screen EO data also allow to make nice images using Sentinel-2

The on-demand Band Combination 8 processing service COMBI provides RGB composites from user defined bands of single or multiple data products from a broad range of EO missions. All bands are in...

Cookbook for cloud enabled applications now available

The first version of the Cookbook for cloud enabled applications has been published.

TEP services in a glance

It is now possible to see what all of the TEPs offer in a glance!

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TEPs presented @ http://med2018.esa.int/

user consultation meeting

Polar Data and Systems Architecture Workshop

Polar TEP attending here https://arcticdc.org/meetings/conferences/polar-data-architecture-workshop

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