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Satellites guide ships in icy waters through the cloud

In late August, the 60 m-long US Coase Guard Cutter Maple completed its navigation through the Arctic's ice-ridden Northwest Passage. While this was not the first time ships had taken this route, it was the first time that the International Ice Patrol had provided iceberg information based exclusively on satellite imagery. Read the full story here

Landslide Monitoring with Geohazards TEP

Geohazards Exploitation Platform has been used to produce a velocity map of the unstable area around the Aletsch Glacier, the largest in the Alps, which is experiencing an average retreat of about 50 m a year. The adjacent rocks that were previously constrained by the ice mass are progressively being released, generating slope instabilities. For this reason, the Aletsch region is a unique place where scientists can investigate how changes in glaciers affect the long- and short-term evolution of rock slope stability. Read the full story here

The Geohazards TEP enables the use of satellite Earth observation data to support the user community.